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Ah, the good ol’ bus stop flop

2010 August 19
by Emily Hill

Every now and then I like to mix up my workout regime with a new goal. Nine years ago it was the Body for Life challenge, before and after photos and all. (I managed to win a tote bag and water bottle as a Top 200 finisher—I was so proud. And no, I will not be posting those photos.) The year after that it was the Kona Marathon benefiting the American Heart Association. Last year it was the Hobble Creek Half Marathon with my sister. (Why a half and not a whole? I quickly discovered I hate running and crossing the finish line after 26.2 miles was not the euphoric event everyone told me it would be.)

This year I decided I would give triathlons a go. I love swimming and wanted to try my hand at cycling (I figured it was like running only fun), and as for the running, a sprint triathlon means only three miles of running. Now THAT I can do, even if it is at a 10-minute pace.

Now for the training. I was good to go on the swimming thing (I already owned a swimsuit and goggles) and the running thing (I already owned running shoes), but the road biking thing was going to be a bit trickier considering I hadn’t owned a bike since my ol’ Schwinn (or was it a Huffy?) in high school.

Fortunately Nathan was looking to score some points so on Mother’s Day he surprised me with a new powder blue GTRw Series 4 road bike from Staat’s Bike Shop (yay for local bike shops with super cool owners!). Then I turned around and surprised him—and our credit card—with a trip to the Pearl Izumi outlet in Park City for some much needed tri gear like padded shorts, tri outfit and bike shoes. That was quickly followed by a trip to REI for necessities like a bike pump, tubes, nitrogen cartridges, new pedals for the new bike shoes, under-the-seat Bento box and of course a super cute cycling tank. Of course.

Fortunately for both my goal to do a triathlon and the new balance on our credit card, I fell in love road biking after my first ride. Okay, maybe it was after my second or third ride because those first couple were mostly me trying to figure out how to clip out before tumbling to the ground and how the heck all those dang gears worked. Even now you may not want to ride too close while I’m trying to grab my water bottle, and I have become an expert at replacing a chain just before going uphill, but for a newbie I’m not bad. And I’m here to tell you that yes, your butt does get used to that bike seat…eventually.

Echo Triathlon

Somehow a post that was started with the intent to quickly share an excerpt from an cycling article turned into Why I Learned How to Ride a Bike Again After 20 Years. Sorry. It’s past midnight and I tend to ramble past midnight on a non-caffeinated day.

Anyway, here’s that funny excerpt I should’ve shared about five paragraphs ago. “Roadie Lingo” is from “Summer Guide ’10 — A Few Favorite Road Rides & Lingo” in the Summer/Fall issue of Park City Magazine. I had no idea cyclists had such an extensive list of terms for their sport, though I’m not surprised. I mean, you have tires that look like Aerobie frisbees and helmets that come straight out of a sci-fi novel. Oh, and that whole Tour de France thing…

By the way, I’ve done the bus stop flop twice though a more experienced cyclist (i.e., a friend crazy enough to ride with me) broke my fall.

Roadie Lingo (Park City Magazine, Summer/Fall 2010)

Even if you’re no Lance Armstrong, you can at least talk like you’ve been on the Tour. Here are a few words and phrases you may hear while out riding the road.

Billy Goat: A skilled climber.

Bowling for Dollars: A rider crashes and takes down most or all of the peloton.

Bubba: A rude driver, usually in a pickup truck. Can also be used to describe probability of an encounter, e.g., “That loop is about a two-bubba ride.”

Road Pizza: Term used for someone or something hit by a car. Not to be confused with a burger.

Burger, Tar Surfing: To crash; crashing.

Gravity Tattoo: A permanent scar from a serious crash.

Bus Stop Flop: That embarrassing moment when you fail to click out of your pedals at a stop sign or intersection and flop over on your side.

Cooked, Bonk, Hit the Wall, Knackered: Out of energy.

Diesel: Someone who can pedal along at a steady pace for a long time.

Dinner Plate, Big Meat: The large chain ring, as opposed to the salad plate or granny gear.

February Legs: That heavy feeling in your thighs, typical at the beginning of the riding season.

Hammerhead: Someone who refuses to ride easy, ever.

Invisible Hill: A strong headwind.

Organ Donor: A rider without a helmet.

Shat Out: Being dropped from a group ride or race. {Okay, this one made me literally laugh out loud.}

Vulture: To circle at the top of a hill waiting for slower friends. {My friend Melissa has to do this all the time and yet she still rides with me. That’s the sign of a good friend!}

I couldn’t help but Google “road bike lingo” and found this little goodie. Let’s just say this Wilma has never done the snot rocket thing nor pulled an endo (thank heavens), and I always try to keep the rubber on the road while wearing my brain bucket! (From “A Brief Introduction of Cycling Lingo” by Sylva Florence)

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  1. August 19, 2010

    Really? People actually use this terminology in the biking world?
    Kristina P.´s latest ~ Its Getting Hot In HereMy Profile


  2. August 19, 2010

    The only lingo I know associated with cycling is “donut” and I’m just fine with that!
    Camille´s latest ~ Wordless Wednesday When I Grow Up- I Want to Be…My Profile


  3. August 20, 2010

    How funny! I had no idea there was a biking language! My favorite was “organ donor” lol. Btw, have I mentioned today that you’re my hero?
    Quinn´s latest ~ Happiness in all the Little MomentsMy Profile


  4. August 22, 2010

    I’m uber impressed with you! I so want to enjoy working out. Will I ever? Maybe I should try cycling or swimming. They sound much better than running.
    Rebecca´s latest ~ High School Registration Makes Me SickMy Profile


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