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Mad Libs Monday: “It’s About Time” by Marie LeBaron of Make and Takes

2010 October 25
by Emily Hill

(Our most recent guest Mad Libber was Shelle from BlokThoughts. You’ll love her “Instructions for the Babysitter” Mad Libs!)

Today’s “It’s About Time” post comes to us courtesy of Shelle Blok and is from the Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Libs book.

make and takes

I am still trying to remember the first time I met Marie. It feels like I’ve known her almost as long as I’ve been blogging. I do have a fond memory of a Saturday-morning craft day with kids in tow to help decorate the Christmas tree at The Christmas Box House. She and Jyl had put together a really fun event complete with craft sticks, glue, glitter and even some yummy cupcakes.

Marie is the queen of kid-friendly crafts. She is so über talented in this area, my little brain can’t even fathom it. She’s involved in lots of great blogger-related events like Social Luxe Lounge and Eat. Blog. Run. plus a few more I’m sure I missed. Her site, Make and Takes, has become a household name and it’s not hard to see why.

After the story you’ll find a few interesting facts about Marie. Enjoy!


by Marie

Mad Libs

Yes, this really is Marie’s life…

Marie LeBaron family

Name and/or nickname: Marie LeBaron

Blog(s) and/or website(s): Make and Takes

Where you grew up: Salt Lake City, UT

Favorite childhood game: Boggle, I love puzzles

Super cool mom moment (i.e., one of those moments when you were the coolest mom ever): My kids are too young to not think everything I do is cool!

Totally uncool mom moment (if you’re willing to share): I’m waiting for the day! I know it will come!

Your go-to “drug” of choice (e.g., Diet Coke, chocolate, Peeps, Venti anything from Starbucks): Candy, all kinds. Hot Tamales at the movies!

Your guilty indulgence (e.g., reality TV shows, pedis, chick lit): TV, I love to veg in front of the TV after a long day. Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family are my two faves right now!

If you were stranded on a desert island, preferably in the Caribbean, which famous person would you want with you and why? Martha Stewart, so together we could craft a way to get home!

Happy Monday!

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  1. October 25, 2010

    I think the world of Marie! Gorgeous, crafty, and very creative. That “family picture” says it all! :) great feature!


    Emily Reply:

    Don’t you love that family picture? It’s the best!


  2. October 25, 2010

    Marie is adorable.
    Kristina P.´s latest ~ Unbreak My HeartMy Profile


    Emily Reply:

    I have to agree!


  3. October 25, 2010

    I think Marie and my husband would both take Martha Stewart. Unfortunately for completely different reasons… He has the hots for Martha.


    Emily Reply:

    That would be one threesome I’d like to see! Okay, not really. Sorry.


  4. October 25, 2010

    Thanks, Camille & Kristina!

    And Steph, that is hilarious!!

    Emily – Thanks so much for the fun feature! It turned out great. Can you tell I have Halloween on the brain with all the candy and bat words?! I haven’t done a Mad Libs in years! I guess I need to pick up a few, my son who’s 7 will thought this was so funny! Thanks again!


    Emily Reply:

    I’m glad you liked it! Thank you for letting me feature you as a guest. They do bring back memories, don’t they?


  5. October 25, 2010

    I think i would like my time to run on a chocolate dial! Love Marie!
    Michelle´s latest ~ Fresh Produce Clothing ReviewMy Profile


    Emily Reply:

    Yes, I am looking for said chocolate dial…


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