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Another Rhonna DESIGNS baby step

2012 January 24
by Emily Hill

Actually, I’m thinking all my Rhonna DESIGNS endeavors are going to be baby steps. No grownup steps here! We’ll leave those “big people” steps to Rhonna and the rest of the cReative Team.

Remember that Wicked Witch Halloween printable? Well, this is about as crafty as that; in fact, probably even less so.

Wait, am I walking backwards? *sigh*

You won’t want to print the following project, but at least it shows you that Rhonna’s kits can be used for even the simplest of projects.

I give you an invite I designed for an upcoming Young Women’s activity. Personal interviews are never very exciting, so I thought if I spiced up the invite, the girls might be more inspired to come. I used a border from the Rhonna DESIGNS Frameworks kit and a letter from her Monogram Junque Kit.

I started the project in Photoshop Elements 7 but had horrible luck with the printout. In desperation I switched to Microsoft Word, which worked in a pinch but might have caused me to think a few swear words in the process.

Young Womens Personal Progress Activity invitation

The next project I want to conquer is putting up our family’s 2012 motto and goals, but that’s going to take some serious caffeine and chocolate and my stash is running low. Once I’m stocked up, I’ll dive in.

Until then, maybe I’ll finally get around to addressing those family New Year’s cards.

Who am I kidding? That requires a lot of caffeine as well.

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  1. January 26, 2012

    totally agree … love the spiced up invite … gorgeous!
    Jing´s latest ~ It is called L.O.V.EMy Profile


    Emily Reply:

    Why, thank you! :)


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