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WYSMAG: Because personalized Pilot G-2 pens are cool

2012 April 27
by Emily Hill

If you’ve caught any of my other Why You Should Marry a Geek (WYSMAG) posts, it should come as no surprise the same guy who makes homemade hovercrafts and uses duct tape to mend his jacket would also craft a manly way to prevent his family people from stealing his favorite Pilot G-2 Ultra Fine pens.

Apparently using large fabric flowers and green craft tape isn’t his style.

The pen of all pens is a Pilot G-2 Ultra Fine (0.38) Retractable Gel Roller. This morning I texted Nathan asking him if he would leave one of his pens so I could write about it. Here’s how our text convo went:

Me: Can you leave one of your pens so I can write about it?
Nathan: You just can’t get enough! Oh, you said “pens.” Uh, yeah. Sure.
Nathan: Make sure you mention the make and model. I love that pen. They have super small points that are the perfect blend of scratchy and smooth.
Nathan: And that the label is just paper that I printed, cut, and tooled so that it would fit in there.
Nathan: Tooled was supposed to be “rolled.”
Me: You crack me up!

Here is a photo of the magical, scratchy-smooth pen. (They’re almost as hard to find as double rainbows.)

Pilot G2 Ultra Fine gel roller pen

And here is the “tooled” tag he made specifically for his Pilot G-2 Ultra Fine gel rollers (he has them in black, blue and red):

Pilot G2 ultra fine gel roller

What you can’t see is the rest of the label, which has his phone number under “Favorite Pen”—you know, just in case it wanders out the front door.

The phone number is pure genius. That move alone will save us from spending hours posting “Lost Pen” fliers around the neighborhood.

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  1. April 27, 2012

    Who knew I was a geek, and didn’t even realize it. I do this with the same pens at my work. Great minds think alike.
    von´s deep thought ~ friday photo phone dump week 3My Profile


    Emily Reply:

    Great minds and awesome people think alike! I had no idea other people slipped pieces of paper into their pens to prevent them from pickpockets. You rock. Seriously.
    Emily´s deep thought ~ Homemade (gourmet) macaroni & cheese FTW!My Profile


  2. April 27, 2012

    These are the only pens I would use to grade papers when I used to teach. They ARE amazing!
    Lindsey Redfern from´s deep thought ~ Heber Valley Railroad | Day Out With ThomasMy Profile


    Emily Reply:

    So you’re saying my husband isn’t the only fan of this pen? Well, at least he’s in great company!
    Emily´s deep thought ~ The quick-as-a-SNAP! recapMy Profile


  3. April 29, 2012

    Those pens are amazing! I used them grading papers too and when I’m doing old fashion writing. My husband would put pieces of tape (sometimes duct tape) on the pens to keep them from ‘disappearing’.
    Susan Bewley@Budget Earth´s deep thought ~ How to Save on GroceriesMy Profile


    Emily Reply:

    I still think the men should put brightly colored flowers on top. It would definitely keep other men from stealing them. ;)
    Emily´s deep thought ~ Homemade (gourmet) macaroni & cheese FTW!My Profile


  4. Iris permalink
    May 1, 2012

    I have done this as well, but sometimes put packing tape over the label so it doesn’t get dirty or rubbed away.

    I like these pens, but at one time they were even harder to find, but I could get my office to order a box at a time (which I squirelled away) of Uniball Signo RT Gel pens in the 0.38 size. At least that way, it’s a company item, and if someone lifts one, it isn’t out of my personal wallet. I think the Uniball may actually be a little bit more reliable and less scratchy as well.


    Emily Reply:

    He’s actually slipped the label inside the pen so there’s little chance of the label rubbing off or getting dirty. He’s awesome that way! :)


  5. Nathan Hill permalink
    May 2, 2012

    She may have thought it was silly, but today I went to pick up my dry cleaning. I am sitting at the drive through and the guy hands me a clipboard to sign my receipt with a pen. I started to sign and then realized that he had handed me had my little note in it. It was my pen! It totally worked- and now one of my precious pens is back with its friends. Today pens. Tomorrow the world!


    Emily Reply:

    I am so proud of you! SO PROUD! xoxo


  6. May 2, 2012

    You should have asked him if “Nathan” knows you stole his pen in third person and then dropped the bomb on him.

    Before I saw the picture I was thinking of a solid body pen in which you were rolling a “secret” message that could be exposed upon accusation.

    Picture it:
    “That is my pen”
    “Prove it”
    “Unscrew the top and look inside, there is a paper with my name on it.”
    “Sorry, here’s your pen back”

    While I am also a fan of the Pilot G-2, my go-to pen is the Zebra F-301. Can’t leave my desk without it.
    @bhans´s deep thought ~ bhans: @ryankendrick @sahans Synchronized liking ftwMy Profile


    Emily Reply:

    Brian, you’re awesome. I’m really glad my Stephanie married you. ;)


  7. August 6, 2014

    This is an awesome idea! I love my G2 0.38. Now everything else feels like a jumbo pencil by comparison. I’m constantly misplacing them however, so this is just the thing I need to do. Thanks for sharing!


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