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“Something Beautiful” by The Newsboys

2012 May 21
by Emily Hill

I have a LOVE-hate relationship with my spinning class.

I hate how hard it works my body, especially on Monday mornings.

But I LOVE the instructor, the sweat, the calorie burn, the challenge, the leg muscles and the music.

During a ride last week, I heard a song I definitely needed to add to my running playlist. If a song makes me cycle harder and almost want to go running, it’s gotta be on there.

Something Beautiful by The Newsboys

Who knew Christian rock could be so exercise friendly? I say, rock on!

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  1. Mary Ann permalink
    May 21, 2012

    Rock on Emily. I’m glad you found the song (since I dropped the ball on finishing those texts. I’m pretty sure I was practicing life scarring parenting at the moment I was responding). I just wanted to add that when I was reading your Mothers Day cards, at first I thought George said “You are a RAMBO!” And I thought, . . . you totally are. You are a Rambo chick on a bike! Roar!
    Then I realized it was “rainbow” not Rambo. So sweet.
    You are awesome. I will miss teaching you so much.

    Your happily torturing spinning instructor.


    Emily Reply:

    If anyone is Rambo in spinning class, it’s you. We are going to miss you terribly when you leave. I’m so sad I can hardly think about it. But I am excited for your new adventure. Of course, who’s going to torture us now?!?
    Emily´s deep thought ~ Family night at Cowabunga Bay! {GIVEAWAY}My Profile


  2. May 22, 2012

    Cool! I certainly need more songs like this to motivate me to run. You and I have the same love/hate relationship with spinning AND running.

    When are we going to start cycling together? I think it’s nearly warm enough to go and I need a buddy to get me going.

    Pam´s deep thought ~ Thanks to former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, Honesty CountsMy Profile


    Emily Reply:

    Let’s do it! I so totally need to!
    Emily´s deep thought ~ Creamy chicken crescent rollsMy Profile


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