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Super adorable (mostly no-sew) homemade Halloween costumes

2014 October 9
by Emily Hill

This post is totally for you, dear readers. You would be hard pressed to find me putting together homemade Halloween costumes even if it were of the “no sew” variety. Don’t get me wrong. I find them utterly and totally adorable, especially the owl costume (my favorite). I just don’t find myself utterly and totally homemade Halloween costume material. But many of you are, so here’s a collection of my favorite homemade costumes I’ve seen floating around the Interweb.

15 Homemade Halloween Costumes

Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds costume
I might make a grownup version of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” costume from Simple Simon and Company.

photobooth strip costume
I’m loving this photobooth strip costume from Oh Happy Day.

owl Halloween costume
This owl Halloween costume from Darling Darleen is probably my favorite.

lumberjack costume
George would look so handsome in this lumberjack costume from Make It & Love It.

DIY tooth fairy costume
And Livi would love this DIY tooth fairy costume from 235 Designs.

garden gnome Halloween costume
I need another baby just so I can dress him up like a garden gnome thanks to Adventure in a Box.

no sew olaf costume
How adorable is this no sew Olaf costume from Crazy Little Projects?

no sew pumpkin tutu
Every little girl needs a no sew pumpkin tutu from Craft Passion.

DIY LEGO Movie costume
We’re fans of The LEGO Movie so this DIY LEGO Movie costume from Here Comes the Sun is a hit!

easy tin man costume
This easy tin man costume from Simply Kierste is one of my favorite from this year.

Boxtroll Halloween costume
This boxtroll costume from Red Ted Art is probably the easiest out of the bunch but no less cute.

homemade jellyfish costume
Hard to believe this jellyfish costume from Giggles Galore takes only 10 minutes!

DIY pineapple no sew baby costume
This DIY pineapple no-sew baby costume from Lines Across is crazy cute (so my teenagers would say).

felt monarch butterfly wings
How easy and beautiful are these felt monarch butterfly wings from Buggy and Buddy?

candy corn homeamde Halloween costume
This super simple yet super “sweet” candy corn costume from Duke & Duchesses makes me super happy.

If you’re like me and aren’t interested in handcrafting Halloween costumes this season, check out these awesome superhero costumes (Wonder Woman included) and Disney princess costumes I found on eBay. They’re amazing and affordable!

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