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About This Blog

The idea for this site came about one evening in 2009 after a very long, very tiring day. I believe it was the same day my daughter had dumped a huge garbage bag of shredded paper onto the kitchen floor, my son was running around naked except for his hooded towel, and my oldest two girls were fighting about something super important like whose turn it was to find the remote. I stood in the kitchen amidst the chaos and said to my husband (sitting at the counter awaiting his seven-course gourmet meal), “Is this REALLY my life?” And I said it in a voice rich with exasperation, sarcasm and a touch of exhaustion thrown in for good measure…which is how I usually say it.

But I have also found this phrase rings true for those moments in life when it hits me—HARD—how full and fabulous my life really is. Usually those moments happen in the evenings when my children are fast asleep and their angelic faces make me wonder how I could’ve ever entertained the thought of duct taping them to the ceiling, but they do happen. That’s when I look at the wonderful chaos that is our family and our home and say, “Is this REALLY my life?” But this time it is said in a voice rich with reverence, joy and a touch of wonder thrown in for good measure.




Though finding the joy in the day-to-day is important, I find it much easier to laugh—and eat—my way through this crazy thing called motherhood. Let’s be honest, if I weren’t laughing (or drinking gallons of Diet Coke), I’d be crying uncontrollably in the deepest, darkest corner of my closet.

At least I’d have some amazing heels to keep me company.